Classroom /Clinical experience

The programme is broad based.

The curriculum is based on that of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and recommendations made by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) with modifications made to suit local conditions. Modern methods of teaching are used for the instruction of students. There are some regulations guiding classroom attendance. They are as follows: • No student shall be admitted into the lecture room after the lecture has started. • Students are not allowed to smoke, drink or chew anything while in class. • No student shall be allowed to entertain any visitor in the lecture room or make/attend to phone calls during lectures. Violation of this rule attracts disciplinary measures. However, lecturers would be required to administer assignments, projects and tests which would form part of the student’s grades for the examination. • The school will not tolerate any form of indiscipline from any student i.e. disobedience to lecturers, students fighting with one another, the use of vulgar or profane language against fellow students, hooliganism, cultism and violence/disorder. Violation of this rule attracts immediate dismissal. Clinical postings to the wards and departments are planned for every student nurse to enable them gain experiences in these areas. During their community postings, the students are exposed to follow-up visits to the homes of patients and these provide them the opportunity to understand the social and environmental factors in family and community life and also give them experience in applying acquired skills to different situations. Field trips are sometimes arranged to enable students experience situations in their natural setting in order to understand better some of the areas taught in class.